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How to migrate website files using SCP

If you’re a web developer looking for a quick way to move files from one *nix server to another, SCP is your answer.

SCP quickly moves files from one server to another using an SSH tunnel.

Simply log on to your existing host and use the following command as example syntax:

scp -r * login@domain:/target/folder/to/webroot/html/

login: your SSH login at the new host
domain: the hostname of your new host
/target/folder/to/webroot/html: the path to where you want your files stored

You’ll be prompted for your password after you hit enter.
This should transfer all of the files directly to your new host, but will NOT transfer hidden (dot) files.

If you use a dot ( . ) instead of the star ( * ), it will transfer the current directory WITH hidden files:

scp -r . login@domain:/target/folder/to/webroot/html/

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I started with Drupal for a CMS, and didn’t pick up WordPress until just a few days ago, though I have seen mentions of it everywhere.

Initially I used Drupal for a blog, then expanded it to forums. For the blog portion, Drupal was good, but WordPress is so much better. WordPress is easier to use and upgrades and plugins can be done from the web interface (rather than needing SSH access). Much smoother.

I’m a happy wordpress user now :)

I am still keeping my Drupal site for forums. It serves its purpose.


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