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Seagate Barracuda SATA Hard Drive Hangs After Power Cycle

Some Seagate Barracuda drives have been found to have buggy firmware which causes the drve to hang or become unresponsive after a power-cycle event (such as the computer going to sleep or standby) and the drive need a full power-cycle (power off then back on) event to become operable again.

Information obtained from two of Dell’s webpages (here and here) [March 25th, 2010] indicates a known issue, as well as a download to fix the issue.

Please note that you may not experience this issue when running the drive with the latest drivers in Windows, but may experience it in Linux-based OSes, such as Ubuntu Linux. This is because the issue is covered up by Windows drivers. If you experience the issue in Linux, then you likely have a drive with faulty firmware. Note that this is supplied from Seagate to Dell, so the fault lies in the firmware developed by Seagate, not by Dell.

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Seagate drive clicking noise and what to do about it

Seagate drives seem to have a much-discussed issue with the power management modes in hard drives that causes the heads to park and unpark unnecessarily, which causes an audible clicking and additional wear and tear on the unload ramp. While hard drives are typically rated to 10,000-20,000 load/unload cycles, this power management bug causes the drive to load and unload unnecessarily when the drive is idle, causing the load/unload count to increase rapidly and unnecessarily.

The best way to quiet an affected drive is to change the hard drive’s APM setting.

For linux users, the command hdparm will change the drives APM setting, but must be run at every boot-up.

The command would be sudo hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda (assuming your drive is at /dev/sda)

For windows users, there’s two options. One is a windows port of the linux program hdparm. Use the same syntax as above.

The second, and easier to use option is the program QuietHDD.

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