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Plex Media Server not starting on boot on Synology NAS

My Synology NAS would not successfully start Plex Media Server at bootup. I had to go into Package Center after each boot and run it manually.

I reached out to the Plex forums and didn’t get much help. I did eventaully find a fix.

I assumed that the script was failing on boot as it was waiting for some not-yet-ready resource, and would only run after the whatever-resource was ready. It just needed more time to be ready.

copy the “/var/packages/Plex Media Server/scripts/start-stop-status” file somewhere else on your NAS where you can edit it, and make the following edit:

start_plex ()
+  sleep 7
PLEX_PATH=$(/usr/syno/sbin/synoshare --get Plex | grep Path | awk -F[ '{print $2}' | awk -F] '{print $1}')

Save the file, and then copy it back to it’s original location. Reboot.

Plex Media Server should now run on boot successfully.


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