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Skype no audio and crashing on OpenSUSE 12.3

Skype for OpenSUSE (download link) may have no audio and frequently crash. This issue is caused by missing packages for the audio subsystem.

Solution: install the packages alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit and pavucontrol

sudo zypper in alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit pavucontrol

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OpenSUSE 12.3 hangs on boot in VMware Player or Workstation

OpenSUSE 12.3 can be installed in VMware, but on reboot it hangs on the green splash screen as shown in the image below.



  1. Go to VM > Settings > Processors and set the number of processor cores to 2 or more.
  2. Go to VM > Settings > Display and uncheck ‘Accelerate 3D graphics’.

This allowed OpenSUSE to boot normally for me.


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How to add Samba accounts on openSUSE

Previously using Ubuntu, I never ran into this issue, but using openSUSE I couldn’t get logged into a Samba share using any user accounts. Turns out, the users have to be added to Samba seperately. Ubuntu probably did this through the adduser (useradd?) script. In openSUSE, you have to add the user manually.

You can either use pdbedit, or smbpasswd. Both work.

I won’t give examples here, as using –help for either program will spit out very useful and non-confusing examples. But, that’s how.



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Problems printing in landscape with LibreOffice 3.6 on openSUSE 12.3

I noticed this problem while trying to print something today. Even though the page was formatted to landscape, the printer would still print it in portrait mode.

My printer is a Brother HL-2170W using the Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5w (recommended) driver.

The fix:

In LibreOffice, go to File > Printer Settings > (select printer) > Properties > Device.

Change ‘Printer Language Type‘ from ‘PDF’ to ‘PostScript (Level from driver)’

The page now prints in the correct orientation.

Futher reading:

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openSUSE Dolphin brower gives error “Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be cause by an enabled firewall.”

To solve this:

Open up YaST > Network Services > Samba Server.¬† Go to the “Identity” tab, and make sure the Workgroup is set correctly, and set Domain Controller to “Not a DC.”


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Problems installing VMware Workstation on openSUSE 12.3

If you try to install VMware Workstation 9.0.2 on openSUSE 12.3 it will tell you in cannot find the kernel headers.

Here’s the fix(es)

First, make sure you are using VMware 9.0.2, as the kernel header locations have moved in recent Linux releases, and 9.0.2 has been updated to correctly locate them.

Next, make sure you have the required packages installed:

zypper install gcc make kernel-desktop-devel


sudo vmware-modconfig –install-all




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