Contact Me

I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this blog and would like to get in touch. I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me for personal help on a wide range of issues.

Due to my personal and professional obligations, and the time and effort involved in researching each unique question or issue, I’m not able to guarantee bandwidth to act as a technical support resource for anyone who visits my blog.

There are many sites on the internet which have active user communities and are better suited for technical questions and discussions, such as StackExchange. There are also numerous official support channels for various software and hardware products, which include Microsoft Support, Apple Support, Google and Android support, and more.

With that said, general questions about content, comments, suggestions, and reports of errors or broken links or images are welcome.

While I do read form submissions, I can no longer answer submissions which include technical questions other than to provide this same information. Instead, please direct technical support questions to a user community or official support channel that is intended for your specific issue.

Please also be aware that I do not accept offers for sponsored content, content exchanges, ad networks, or other solicitations, commercial or otherwise. In addition, this form cannot be used for any legal notices.

Thank you for your understanding.