Contact Me

I provide this contact form for people to reach me, but due to abuse and spam, I’ve had to set some ground rules. Namely, :

  • Please submit comments in English language and characters only.
  • Submissions using invalid email addresses cannot be replied to. Please provide a valid, working email address. 
  • No solicitation, sorry. Please do not use this form for solicitation. (Such as offers of advertising, link exchange, sponsored posts, offers of employment, or other such material. Such material may be deleted without response.) 
  • If you’re reporting an issue, please report enough to help me find it and fix it. Please do not use this form to report technical issues with an image or page without providing a link to the material you are having an issue with, or a description of where the material is. For example, if you state that a page is not loading correctly or an image does not display, provide as direct a link as possible, a link to a screenshot, or a description of how to find the issue. 
  • This isn’t a message relay service. Please do not use this form to relay any third-party communications. Such communications may be discarded.
  • Be respectful. Please do not use this form to submit any communications of a vulgar, derogatory, threatening, or offensive nature. I reserve the right to turn over any such communications to the appropriate law enforcement.
  • This isn’t a legal notice service. Please do not attempt to use this form for any legal service, notice, or other such material. Timely delivery (or delivery at all) cannot be assured, and there are more appropriate channels for such material. I cannot and will not be held responsible for any notice sent in this manner, and you agree to indemnify and hold me harmless for any such notice, or any result occurring from any such notice, whether received or not.


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