Sending and receiving SMS messages on the Brandmeister DMR network

I recently got into DMR radio and picked up an Anytone D878UV. While exploring some of the features of the radio, I found information on doing SMS over DMR. As interesting as it looked, it was not well documented. This post is going to be an effort to pull some of the resources together in one place for other folks who might find it useful, and document what I’ve been able to get working.

This will all be based on use of the Anytone 1.18 CPS, available here.

To start, you’ll want to make sure your radio is programmed to interface with the Brandmeister network correctly. Make sure that in the CPS under Public > Optional Setting > Digital Func you have SMS Format set to M-SMS. Also, according to this post, you will need to have Digi APRS RX turned off for the channel you are set to, as it may interfere (I haven’t confirmed this).

Next, in Brandmeister SelfCare, ensure that your radio is set correctly. I was able to get this to work with Brand set to Chinese Radio.

With these set, you should be able to send a message containing the word “HELP” to 262993 and get a response. More of the commands are documented on this page in German (Google Translate version here).

Additional resources:

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