Removal of Comments

Comments have been a part of this blog since its creation, and I won’t deny that they’ve opened the door to interesting conversation. Allowing comments does have a few drawbacks, and those are the potential for spam, pingback/trackback abuse, and comments containing malicious links or code. Comments also restrict the potential for future development, as they limit the types of services and platforms that this blog might be migrated to in the future, though I haven’t made any decisions just yet.

For all of these reasons, I’ve made the decision to completely disable comments, and I’ll be purging all of the user-submitted comments from the site soon. I appreciate everyone who has submitted constructive comments, and to keep a channel open for folks to provide their thoughts on articles on this site, I’ve added a contact form which will submit an email to me.

I realize the potential for contact form spam as well, which is why I removed it in the past, but I think this is the right way to go here.

Thanks for reading.