MMS settings for Windows Phone (and others) on Cricket Wireless

If you have an unlocked Windows Phone operating on Cricket Mobile, and are having issues sending or receiving MMS messages, change the settings of your phone to the below.

All Settings > cellular+SIM > View internet APN. Verify the following (ignore unlisted fields):

  • APN: ndo
  • Auth type: PAP
  • IP type: IPv4

If settings differ from the above, go to SIM Settings > Manual Internet APN > edit internet APN, and enter as above. Leave any unlisted fields blank.

Next, tap edit MMS APN, and set as below:

  • APN: ndo
  • Auth type: PAP
  • WAP gateway:
  • WAP gateway port: 80
  • MMSC (URL):
  • MMSC port: 80
  • Max MMS size: 10240
  • IP type: IPv4 < (This setting wasn’t provided by Cricket, but the default of IPv4v6 will not work. It must be IPv4)

These settings were confirmed with Cricket prior to publishing. If you would rather contact Cricket to get the settings directly from them, you may do so.

Windows Phone visual voicemail is currently not supported on Cricket at this time. I recommend YouMail with the ISeeVM app as an alternative.