SymformContribution share getting recreated after reboot on Synology NAS after uninstalling Symform

A reader (M.R.) contacted me asking about running Symform on his Synology DS3611xs. He later uninstalled it and found that the SymformContribution folder was getting recreated at every reboot.

After a number of email exchanges, he was able to get Symform to confirm it was a bug:

Thank you for contacting Symform support. I understand that you are having an issue with the SymformContribution folder being re-created after you have un-installed Symform, and rebooted the DiskStation.

I have been able to reproduce this issue, and found that it is re-created due to the folder listed as a Shared folder in the Synology Shares section.

I have sumbitted an internal bug ticket to my developers to look into this issue. From what I found, it is just re-creating the folder, and the Symform services are not present, or running.

The commands to fix it follow, but I’ve updated step 3 to an absolute path:

1. Here is the command to view the Synology shares table:

/usr/syno/sbin/synoshare --enum ALL

2. If you see the SymformContribution folder listed, enter in the following command:

/usr/syno/sbin/synoshare --del TRUE SymformContribution

3. Then, to remove the folder from the Volume1 folder, enter in the following:

rm -rf /volume1/SymformContribution

Adjust the path in step 3 if your contribution folder is on another volume.

Thanks again to M.R. for the information and legwork getting this resolved!