How to enable the IPfilter blocklist in Synology Download Station’s aMule client

If you’re interested in using the Synology Download Station for eMule downloads over ED2K networks, but insist on using an IP blocklist, there is a rather easy way to set it up. Here’s how I did it on my DS211j running DSM 4.1-2668.

First, obviously make sure Download Station is installed and running. Next, start it and click the gear icon to go to settings.


Now, in Download Station > General, check Enable eMule downloads.


Then click Ok.

Now, you’ve enabled the eMule client, which you’ll now see as a tab at the bottom of Download Station:


Now that eMule is set up, you can load a blocklist by SSH-ing into your Synology and editing the following file:


This will allow you to specify your IP blocklist. Please note that this is only for the aMule client, and not the Download Station’s torrent client.

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