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Synology Download Station bittorrent blocklist

After digging around through SSH, I’ve found the following directory might be intended to contain the IP blocklists:


However, I’m still not sure if there’s a way to verify they’re loaded, or whether it explicitly needs to be enabled.

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WordPress visual editor mangling sourcecode

I tend to post quite a bit of sourcecode, such as bash scripts and PHP scripts. I use the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to highlight and colorize the sourcecode, as well as make it easy to copy.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that the WordPress built-in visual editor does a great job of mangling the code, especially by HTML-escaping certain characters.

I’ve found that installing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin has fixed the cause of it, as well as providing a ‘replace’ function which I can quickly use to clean up previously-mangled code.

I’ve gone through my posts and hopefully corrected any previously mangled sourcecode. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has brought a piece to my attention.

I strongly recommend the above plugins.


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How to enable the IPfilter blocklist in Synology Download Station’s aMule client

If you’re interested in using the Synology Download Station for eMule downloads over ED2K networks, but insist on using an IP blocklist, there is a rather easy way to set it up. Here’s how I did it on my DS211j running DSM 4.1-2668.

First, obviously make sure Download Station is installed and running. Next, start it and click the gear icon to go to settings.


Now, in Download Station > General, check Enable eMule downloads.


Then click Ok.

Now, you’ve enabled the eMule client, which you’ll now see as a tab at the bottom of Download Station:


Now that eMule is set up, you can load a blocklist by SSH-ing into your Synology and editing the following file:


This will allow you to specify your IP blocklist. Please note that this is only for the aMule client, and not the Download Station’s torrent client.

Questions, comments, or other thoughts? Please share them in the comment section below. Thanks!


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