MacBook optical drive dust cover causing stuck CDs

If you have an older MacBook and are having problems with CDs getting stuck in the drive, the drive itself might not be to blame. In the case of one particular MacBook that I’ve worked on, it was the dust cover of the drive itself. It had hardened enough over time from dust and dirt to put resistance on the CDs enough to keep them from ejecting.

Below you can see two photos of the dust cover on the MacBook, showing the dirt buildup on the dust cover:

So, the first step is to disassemble the MacBook and get access to the dust cover. Follow this YouTube video for the disassembly, right down to removing the optical drive

Once the optical drive is removed, remove the four screws shown in the following photos, and then remove the dust cover assembly.

Carefully pry the dust cover assembly off. It will be stuck to the plastic base with adhesive, so the use of a tool is recommended.

Here’s a shot of the dust cover, removed:

The dust cover itself is little more than fabric glued to the magnesium bracket. You can easily peel it off. This one only left a little reside and I was able to easily clean it with some alcohol.

Mag bracket, dust cover removed:

Now, just reinstall the bracket, and reverse the above.

You’ll notice the small gap where the dust cover used to be, but CDs no longer get stuck! I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to fabricate a replacement for the dust cover.

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