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How to tell if your CPU supports virtualization under Ubuntu Linux

If you’re thinking of running a virtual machine, you should check first to see if your processor supports the VT extension. To do so, run the following command in a terminal.

cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep '(vmx|svm)'

Having the VT extension allows improved virtual machine performance, as well as the ability to run 64-bit virtual machines. Note that some manufacturers have an option to enable/disable VT in the BIOS (which is usually set to disabled), so if you have VT extensions, you may want to check to make sure it’s enabled.

Further Reading: Linux Tip: How to Tell if Your Processor Supports VT

Sorry for the brief post, but it’s late and I’m just making a quick note of this. Note that this works in just about any Linux distro, not just Ubuntu.


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