Problems accessing Samba SMB shares on Mac OS X Snow Leopard


In OS X Snow Leopard, you may experience problems accessing a SMB network share using either of the following methods:

Go > Network;

or, using Finder’s pane, under Shared;

.. and clicking ‘Connect As’ to log in.

You get the following error message:

You entered an invalid username or password. Please try again.


In Safari, type the following into the address bar:


Where servername is the server name of your SMB server.



a dialog box will appear, prompting you to log in. This should succeed and you will be prompted with a list of your devices shares. Selecting a share will mount it and display the contents.



  1. #1 by bde on January 21, 2013 - 4:51 am

    Hi Mike,

    thank you for the post which is exactly what I am looking for.

    Unfortunatly, the workaround is not working for me.
    My users are ldap users.
    Same from Snow Leopard or Lion.

    Do you have any clue ?


    • #2 by Mike on January 22, 2013 - 6:44 pm

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what to recommend for that.