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Converting a Mac DMG image to ISO in Ubuntu

Mac DMG images are practically unusable in a non-Mac system in that format. They can be converted to ISO images in Ubuntu for easy burning, mounting, or use in a virtual machine.

Once you have the DMG file you want to convert to an ISO file, you need to install dmg2img

sudo apt-get install dmg2img

Now, assuming the DMG file you want to convert is image.dmg, run the following command:

dmg2img image.dmg

After a few minutes or processing, your DMG will be converted to an IMG file in ISO format (image.img). If you need the ISO extension, simply rename the file:

mv image.img image.iso

Note: IMG files created by Nero are NOT in ISO format and cannot simply be renamed. If you want to convert a Nero IMG file to ISO, use the ubuntu utility nrg2iso, but it’s not required above.


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How to disable the screensaver in Ubuntu Classic Gnome

Note that screensaver preferences are a per-user setting, meaning each user has their own settings. If you’re experiencing issues with the screensaver (lack of OpenGL acceleration, system hanging, etc) you’ll want to disable them for each user account.

Open System > Preferences > Screensaver (see the screenshot below)

Click for larger view

Uncheck “Activate screensaver when computer is idle” then click Close.

Click for larger view

Changes take effect immediately.


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