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How to create an unfiltered input type in Drupal 7

The default input types in Drupal strip out unapproved HTML tags and optionally format links with tags. If you’re creating a block for some more advanced purpose, such as the insertion of JavaScript or other HTML that you don’t want stripped, you will likely want an input type with no filters.

Note that an unfiltered input type will not support PHP; you must enable the PHP module for this. Once you enable the PHP module, it will create an input type specifically for PHP. The PHP block will allow unfiltered HTML, but may present an unnecessary security risk.

To create an unfiltered input type in Drupal 7, do this:

Go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Text Formats

You should see the default text formats appear.

Click add new text format and give your new text format a name, such as “Unfiltered HTML.” Choose the roles that will be allowed access to this input type. Be aware that allowing untrusted users access to an unfiltered input type may have security implications. Don’t check anything under Enabled Filters. Click Save Configuration.

That’s it. Your input type is now ready for use.

Now, if you want to create a block with unfiltered content, such as the display of JavaScript code, simply choose “Unfiltered HTML” as the input type of the block.


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