Easy Sprint Galaxy Tab 7 Rooting

There’s a very easy method for rooting the Sprint Galaxy Tab 7″. I don’t know whether it works on the 10.1 or not, as I only have the 7″.

* A decent Windows computer (XP or newer) – Virtual machine alone will not work
* Your Tab USB cable
* About 15 minutes or so
* Ability to follow instructions

NOTE: Build number will NOT show “QUENS.GINGERBREAD.EF17” per the screenshot, it will show “GINGERBREAD.EF17”. Verify success by the presence of ‘Superuser’ in applications and try downloading Titanium Backup (or any other root-required application, such as Root Checker) from Market and verify you get a prompt for Superuser access.

Runs smoothly with no issues.

Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1161033

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