TPMS needs an urgency indicator

Right now, the TPMS sensor in your car’s tires can tell you if they’re underinflated, but not by how much or how urgent you need to inflate them. wouldn’t it be better if it could?

For example, a 33PSI tire at 28PSI would cause the TPMS light to come on and stay on. I could drive around all day on 28PSI and not have to worry too much, but what if that tire dropped to 15PSI, or even 10PSI, or less? I wouldn’t know until there was just a layer of rubber between my rim and the road — by then it would be too late.

TPMS should be improved to at least let you know if the tire pressure drops dangerously low, to separate that ‘put some air in your tires before you pull in the garage’ message from the ‘put some air in your tires NOW’ message. The ‘Check Engine’ light already does it (in a way). Oxygen sensor bad? Light comes on to annoy you. Something catastrophic happens? The light will actually start flashing.

I say the TPMS light out to flash or change to red if the tire pressure drops below 20PSI.

That’s my thoughts. What are yours?