Looking for a new domain registrar. Suggestions?

I’m currently looking for a new domain registrar for my domains.

I’m not ready to share the details of why I’m looking, but I am looking. I want to research and gather feedback before I make a choice and actually start moving domains.

The following are important to me in selecting a new registrar:

  • US-based, or a has a US business office.
  • Phone support (or chat support) available.
  • Price, of course
  • Must handle .com, .net, .org, .us TLDs at the very least.
  • Ability to store a credit card for automatic renewal
  • Is primarily a registrar, not primarily a hosting provider.

I would prefer not to consider GoDaddy as an option because of the elephant shooting incident, but I’ll entertain discussion on the subject.

Have a suggestion for a registrar? Please leave me a comment below. I would appreciate hearing the name of your suggestion, an optional URL, and why you like or suggest the registrar.