How to report a Ubuntu bug to Launchpad from within an application

Reporting Ubuntu bugs isn’t difficult, and it’s the single biggest step you can take towards helping those bugs get resolved.

For Canonical-supported applications, an easy-to-find menu link has already been provided for you to report issues with the application. It’s in the Help menu:

Clicking the Report a Problem menu entry automatically gathers up information on the application and your Ubuntu version, and opens a web page to Launchpad where you can provide more detailed information on the issue you were experiencing. You’ll need to have a free account (get one now) to complete the process of submitting the final bug report, but it only takes a few minutes and a few steps.

If you want to report a bug against the Unity interface, enter this in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug unity

If you notice an issue in a Ubuntu application, take the time to report it. It’s what makes the OS better.

Questions, comments, and feedback regarding bug reporting are appreciated. Thank you!