Embedding a Google Calendar on your website

Google Calendar is a great tool, and embedding your calendar on your website is a great idea for busy professionals who want to be able to direct their potential customers or anyone else to their calendar to schedule appointments.

Embedding a Google calendar into your website isn’t too difficult, but it does require that you get the correct embedding code for the calendar you want to embed. The following guide shows how to do it in a few easy steps.

Step One

Log into your Google Calendar and locate the ‘My Calendars’ selection box on the left sidebar, and click the ‘settings’ link.

Step Two

Click the calendar you wish to embed.

Step Three

Locate the section titled ‘Embed this calendar’ and copy/paste the code into a page on your website, or select the ‘Customize’ link to customize the way the calendar appears.

Your site must support iframes for the embedded Google calendar to display. WordPress users, make sure you click the HTML tab before entering the code. Also, make sure you adjust the width of the calendar if it doesn’t display properly or you change your theme. Take a look at my calendar for an example of how it looks.

Questions, comments, and feedback on this are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!