Invalid email addresses removed from comment subscriptions

Since I added the feature of subscribing to comments, I’ve noticed a large volume of people subscribing to posts without commenting. Tonight I went through the list and validated email addresses. About 210 email addresses failed validation and were removed. Some mail exchangers refused the connection and those subscriptions were given the benefit-of-the-doubt and left as-is.

I have also switched to a double opt-in method to help prevent subscription spamming. Users will receive a link in their email they will need to click on to confirm the subscription.

I have done this in an effort to prevent subscription abuse.

If you somehow notice that your subscription to an article has been removed, I apologize. Please feel free to sign up again. If you are getting email subscriptions, and are having trouble unsubscribing, please let me know and I’ll take care of it as quickly as I am able.

Questions, comments, and/or feedback is appreciated. Thank you.