Ubuntu OpenOffice Quickstarter prevents Gnome shutdown

I ran into an issue where, after clicking “Shut Down” in Gnome, the dialog box would simply close and shutdown would never happen. To get my system to shut down, I would have to open a terminal and shutdown using the command shutdown -h now.

As it turns out, if you have the quickstarter open and open an office document, it will somehow block shutdown. This is a known issue OpenOffice 3.2, and has been reported in Lanchpad as bug #542002 and bug #562027.

To reproduce:

Enable the quickstarter in Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org > Memory > Enable Systray Quickstarter

Now open an office document.

Try to shut down using the Gnome power button.

The dialog box closes and nothing happens.

In order to fix this, simply disable the systray quickstarter:

Right-click on the Quickstarter icon and choose “Disable Systray Quickstarter”

The quickstarter loads portions of OpenOffice into memory, which seems to save 2-3 seconds of load time. In my opinion the 2-3 seconds gained loading OpenOffice is not worth the hassle of having to shut down using a terminal command. I’ve since disabled the quickstarter and have left it that way.

Questions, comments, and feedback on this are welcome, as always.