This blog is no longer DoFollow

Without going into a lot of background about the nofollow attribute and the DoFollow movement, I’ll simply state the point of this: This blog is no longer DoFollow due to comment spamThat said, let me get on with the why.

I had listed my blog as DoFollow a while back and had requested to have it added to a few lists of DoFollow blogs. Shortly after, I saw an increase in traffic, but it brought with it a sharp increase in comment spam.

In fact, I watched the trend for quite some time: When there was an inbound click from a DoFollow list, there was a flood of spam comments moments after, almost always from the same IP address. In a small number of cases it was from a cluster of IP addresses, meaning the spammer was likely using a botnet or a set of proxies to post the spam comments.

This was a tough decision to make: Did I trade the incoming traffic (and potential ad revenue) for a drop in comment spam? Yes. Not only that, but I realize I can’t accurately measure traffic if the numbers are being skewed from comment spammers skimming through pages to find something they can contextually spam.

So that’s that.

So do you think I made the right decision in converting to NoFollow? Do you have a blog that you’ve made the decision to be NoFollow or DoFollow? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. Thank you.

— Thanks for noticing the typo, NMI