Bad Behavior on Drupal 7

Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts that is designed to keep your blog or forum clean from spam by taking a much different approach than typical solutions. While I could go into a big explanation, you can read all about it here

That said, Drupal 7 is available for download, but the Drupal 6 Bad Behavior module has not yet been ported to Drupal 7. These instructions will help you get a very crude installation of Bad Behavior protecting your Drupal 7 site, albeit in the “no logging” mode, which is not the preferred method. If you’re familiar with Drupal 7 enough to attempt a port, I would ask that you please visit the Drupal 6 module and contact the developer. The Drupal community would greatly appreciate it.

These instructions are based on the Bad Behavior Porting Guide.

First, download Bad Behavior from

When you unzip it, you should have a folder called bad-bahavior.

Upload that folder somewhere to your web root, so that bad-behavior-generic.php is accessible as (These are sample instructions only, advanced users are encouraged to place the scripts wherever they like.)

edit bad-behavior-generic.php

Locate the following line:

'httpbl_key' => '',

Input your http:BL API key from Project Honey Pot. If your API key is ‘exampleAPIkey’, you’ll have this:

'httpbl_key' => 'exampleAPIkey',

edit drupal index.php

Right below the opening <?php tag, insert the following line, making sure it has the correct relative location of bad-behavior-generic.php:


That’s it!

Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.