How to switch and close applications on BlackBerry

The BlackBerry OS is a natively multi-tasking OS. This means that, even if you’re not looking at an application, it may still be running on your phone — consuming battery, cpu, and memory.

To view the list of running programs and switch tasks:

Hold the menu key (the key between the green send key and the trackball/trackpad) to bring up the task switcher. (BB OS 4.7+). Alternatively, you can press the menu key and select Switch Application.

After bringing up the task switcher, scroll to a task and press the trackpad or trackball to switch to that task.

To close an app:

The BlackBerry OS does not close apps when you press the end key, or in the case of the Style, when you close the flip. Rather, it returns you to the home screen with the app still running.

To properly close an app and stop it from running, use the back key (between the trackball/trackpad and the red end key) to back out of the program. Some apps do not close via this method. Alternatively, press the menu key and select ‘close’ or ‘exit’ within the application.

Closing apps properly will ensure that your phone isn’t wasting memory, cpu cycles, or battery on programs that you don’t want running.

Note: The following apps are required for proper phone operation and therefore cannot be closed or stopped:

  • Messages
  • Home
  • Browser (Selecting ‘Close’ from the browser screen will close any open webpages — still a good thing)
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Phone

You can verify a program has ended by bringing up the task switcher again and verifying it’s no longer listed.

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