Giving up the fight against spam

Spammers are clever, alright. They seem to get through captchas, cookie checking, PHP session checking, and when you ban one IP address or range, they come at you with 20 more.

I’ve been getting hundreds of spam comments per day.  It’s almost to the point where spam checking has started to interfere with the normal users. They’re getting sick of the captchas and constant hoops they have to jump through just to post a legitimate comment.

So I’m making a decision: I’ve spent enough of my time dealing with them and I have better things to do

So from now on comments will be completely open. That’s right — no spam checking, no captchas, nothing. Now I can free up my time and move on to other things, such as writing new articles.

For a little more information on what led to this decision, check out this article.