DeskJet 5150 print quality issues

The HP DeskJet 5150 is one of many printers that houses the print heads on the cartridges. This makes troubleshooting and resolving print issues fairly easy.

If you’re having printing issues with your DeskJet 5150 (or just about any other HP inkjet printer), start with the following steps to resolve it:

Step 1 – Clean the print heads programatically

If you don’t already have it, install the HP Printer Assistant software. From within the Printer Assistant, select “Clean Cartridges.” If the printing gets better, but isn’t completely cleared up, run it again. Be careful though, cartridge cleaning consumes a lot of ink.

Step 2 – Clean the print heads and contacts manually

If Step 1 didn’t resolve your issue, or it improved a little and then didn’t improve any more, then try removing the cartridges and cleaning the print heads carefully using a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Also clean the contacts on the back side of the cartridge.

Step 3 – Replace the cartridges

If your printing issue is still unresolved, replace the cartridges. Replacing the cartridges gives you a full tank of ink and new print heads. If it still doesn’t work, then your printer is likely defective and needs replacement.

Have any advice to share regarding printer head cleaning? Feel free to share it in the comments below!