Assigning the Brother HL-2170W a static IP address

Based on feedback I’ve received regarding my post about Ubuntu and Brother HL-2170W, I thought it would help if I gave instructions on how to assign the printer a static IP address.

1) Log into the web interface of your printer (you’ll have to know it’s current IP address or hostname — Try http://ip-address/ in your web browser.)

2) Go to Network Configuration

3) Authenticate. The default username/password combination for any item under the red key is ‘admin‘ / ‘access‘; the green key is ‘user‘ / ‘access‘.


4) Go to Configure TCP / IP





5) Enter your desired IP address and change the boot method to STATIC.

Save. A power-cycle of the printer may be required.

Note that an alternative method is assigning a DHCP reservation in your router; consolut your router’s documentation for how to do this.

Your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated, as always.



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