Synology DS211j drive led light bleed fix

Recently I bought a Synology DS211j NAS for storage. A pair of 2TB hard drives in RAID-1 make for roomy storage, and this NAS is rich on features for it’s price, and it only supports up to 2TB drives.

I ordered the NAS with 1 drive initially, then got the 2nd one shortly after. One minor thing I noticed fairly quickly is how the light from the drive 1 led would bleed into the drive 2 indicator.  It made it look like the light was on when in fact it was off.


The 4th LED is the drive 2 light. There's no drive 2 installed.

The 4th LED is the drive 2 light. There’s no drive 2 installed.

Despite it’s compact case (or maybe because of it) the DS211j is very easy to work on.

The case cover slides off for easy installation of the drives. Here you can see the NAS with the cover removed and one drive installed. The top drive slot is drive 1, the bottom is drive 2.

Single 2TB drive installed

Single 2TB drive installed

I had to see how the LED light output was being delivered to the front of the case, for this, I removed the front bezel from the case cover. It removes very easily using a #2 Philips screwdriver.


Next I placed the front bezel on the bottom to see where everything lined up. It was quickly evident where the light “leak” was occurring — the plastic divider that Synology was using between the LEDs simply wasn’t present between the drive 1 and drive 2 light channels.


After some thought I came up with a solution: Isolating the light channels using electrical tape.

I carefully put the electrical tape on the light channels and carefully cut to fit. The result:


I test fit the light guides over the LEDs.


And that’s it! After reassembly, the drive 2 LED was nicely blacked out. I did install my 2nd drive today and it looks great. I can now easily notice the drive LEDs blinking independently of each other.