Nyko Intercooler for the Nintendo Wii

Knowing that heat is one of the biggest enemies of electronics makes me a bit of a cooling junkie. I say a bit because I still won’t dare any exotic PC cooling solutions, like water cooling (water + electricity?) but I will mod heatsinks and fans onto things like routers, modems, etc.

So, now I have a Wii.

I noticed while playing even graphics-intensive games that the fan in the rear of the unit doesn’t spin up at all, and the graphics will occasionally lag. Now, this could either be a good thing (the hardware isn’t hot enough to need it) or a bad thing (the hardware is hot and needs it, but it’s not kicking on).  So, I was thinking of tearing it apart and doing something along the lines of hooking the fan directly to a v+ line.

I started searching for some pre-manufactured solutions, and I found the Nyko Intercooler. $6 isn’t bad, and since it doesn’t use the USB ports for power (a lot of solutions did and I didn’t like that) I figured “why not?”

I got the Intercooler today and hooked it on. It installs by snapping over the rear fan exhaust and features a pass-through from the ac adapter for power.


Intercooler, installed (click for larger image)

So here’s the quick review on this unit.

The Good:

  • Powers on and off with the unit
  • Clean design
  • Good airflow
  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t block any ports

The Bad:

  • Loud. (It reminds me of an old desktop CD-ROM drive spinning at full speed)
  • Doesn’t come in black ;)

All in all, its a decent little gadget, and at $6 delivered, I can’t complain. The “feet” you see at the bottom of the ac adapter pass-through are designed to keep the pass-through supported, so it doesn’t damage the ports connection to the Wii mainboard. They are removable and support a horizontal configuration. The unit does have good air-flow and makes me think I’m going to have to spray out the intake filter on the bottom of the Wii occasionally with compressed air.

Not a bad bit. Though I haven’t done enough gaming since I installed it to see if it makes a difference in the areas where I noticed lag.

Do you have one of these devices (or something similar) for your console? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below.