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How to hide and or block all that Facebook junk

Update: Due to layout updates in Facebook, this method no longer works exactly as shown. It is still possible to hide and block content. Since I’m not going to update this post every time Facebook changes their layout, please use the below only as a reference.

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably seen the plethora of “Status Updates” that come from Facebook Applications.

At it’s best, it’s spammy and can make finding your friend’s actual posts harder. At the worst, it can be offensive, misleading, or suggest you click something that could actually be malicious.

So, here’s a short walk-through of how to hide and/or block those applications from appearing in your feed.

The first thing to do is to find an offending post. The post must say “via” at the bottom, next to the time/date it posted.

That means it was posted via an application, and not as a status update.

A word of caution: It may be possible to block “Text Message”, “Facebook for Blackberry”, “Facebook for Android”, etc. These are actually applications that are used by mobile users to post their own updates. If you block these, you might not get all your friend’s updates, if any at all. You can block them if you choose, but I recommend against it.

That said, there’s two ways to go about it, “hiding” the app, or “blocking” the app. In most cases, hiding is sufficient. Unless you want to make sure that said app never has access to your information, and you never use it. In that case, a block is in order. (It is possible to unblock applications, though I don’t explain that in this post — I may add it at some point in the future.)

Hiding the application

Hover your mouse over the status update and find the “X” that will appear

Click on the “X” and the status update will change to the hide dialog. From here, you can hide the offending application.


Blocking the application

Hover over the image and locate the link to the application

Click it. That will take you to the application page, where you can block the application.

Click block. You will be prompted to confirm.



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