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Geocaching with the Samsung Moment

I was out geocaching yesterday with Adam, and we were using my Samsung Moment with the Geocaching app to do our seeking. Out of the three caches that we attempted, the only one we came up with the find for, was because some fellow geocachers made the find before us. We were probably 25 feet away.

I was noticing that I was having trouble getting anything better than a 98ft accuracy on the device’s GPS. So I decided to do some testing today. I used the GPS status app and put the phone in the window. I had 11 satellites lock very quickly, and noticed that I still couldn’t get anything better than a 98 foot accuracy.

That’s very disappointing, as most respectable GPS units (hand-held and vehicle) can get down to 10 meter (30 feet) accuracy without a problem, and higher-accuracy WAAS-enabled GPS units (most hand-held, some vehicle) can get much better than that — down to 1 meter (3 feet) in best cases.

Yes, it’s disappointing. I was hoping for at least 10 meter accuracy from the Moment’s GPS receiver as it’s an actual GPS chip and not carrier-based aGPS. However, this may mean I’ll have to use my eyes and brain a little more than my GPS. Either that, or save up for something a little nicer, like a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx.


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