Suspicious gas company employee… impersonator?

This afternoon a young kid (couldn’t have been any older than 20) came to the door… knocked AND rang the doorbell. I opened the door and he identified himself as being “certified” from a gas company supplier/distributor, and wanted to come in and “survey” to see if we were suitable to save money by switching to his company. For the life of me, I can’t remember what company, though. I just know he was young, very young, nearly an adolescent. He had short blond hair and a clipboard he held proudly. That was the give. That, and asking to come inside.

Gee, this doesn’t sound at all suspicious. Come on in–er, “No. I’m not interested.”

“But sir, this won’t cost you anything.” Yeah, I believe that one.

I refused him again, then he quietly turned and left. I couldn’t close the door fast enough.

This comes right on the tail of a news article involving ComEd impersonators.

A couple of people have asked why I didn’t ask for his ID. I didn’t have to. What he had, he had prominently displayed on his shirt — nothing more than a plastic card with “Certified gas representative” (or something to that effect) on it. No name, no photo, no real business name. Nothing credible.

Michele asked me why I didn’t call the cops. Okay, so I missed that one. I had enough sense not to let the chap into the apartment though.

So tonight I’m sleeping with all the doors and windows locked. Michele may not be sleeping at all.