Clicky Web Analytics

I had written a previous post roughly comparing a few web analytics programs, using some criteria that was important to me, and I had purchased a license for Mint to use on one site. Having two sites, though, I wanted them to use the same analytics package, so I shelled out the extra $30 for a second Mint site license.

That was the easy part. The real pain came when I actually set it up. I had to install a second copy of Mint (because it’s a per-install/per-domain license) so I had to install a second copy, copy over all my plug-ins and configure it, making sure I used the same login and password (so I wouldn’t get them mixed up) and configure the software alike with the first install.

Then I realized something: I had to go to each domain’s Mint installation to view stats. I couldn’t view the stats for both sites in the same view. (Though there is a plug-in for that, but it gets installed to a single domain install — I’d have to install it to both installations and mirror the setup again — What a pain!)

So, out $30 for the new license and realizing after the fact it wasn’t a good fit for my setup, I went to Piwik, which is an Open-Source, self-installed web analytics package. You install it to a single location and set up tracking for all your websites from it. It’s a fairly good piece of software, but I ran into several nasty show-stopping bugs: zeroing visitors in the database and an issue with PHP and the cron job (not even mentioning the still-unresolved ever-growing database issue). I want an analytics package I don’t have to fight with to get good information out of. I want to spend my time using the information I can gather, not spend the time fighting with my analytics software.

Then I tried out Clicky Web Analytics. I have to say I am extremely happy with the service, and the pricing. No software to have to think about (or keep up to date), pricing is extremely fair (in fact, the best I’ve seen with 1 site being completely free), and the feature set is unparalleled. Real-time stats, including content, search terms, referrers, individual actions, a customizable dashboard, even iPhone and Android-specific mobile versions. A full API, RSS feeds, and site widgets round off the service offering, and that’s just at the free level. Paid versions (starting at $5/mo or $30/yr for 3 sites) get even more features, such as advanced data segmentation and the ability to name visitors using either the web interface or a CMS plugin.

The real icing on the cake with Clicky? They provide a non-js tracking code (in the form of a 1×1 transparent pixel) that you can insert on sites that don’t support javascript (like, Craigslist, eBay, MySpace, etc) so you can track pageviews even there!

I really recommend that you check out Clicky, even if (especially if) you only have one site to manage — it’s free.

Clicky Web Analytics

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