What I realized today…

To some of you, this may be an astouding “duh”, but to others… just read…

I realized today that we should never allow another person to take our happiness away.

That said, there are times that someone can make you unhappy (say, an uncooperative coworker, an uncaring boss, or an ungrateful friend) but most of the time that’s situational. That may come and go day by day. I’m talking about a person whose simple presence causes all of the happiness to drain out of you like pulling the plug in a bathtub full of water. A person that, the simple thought of seeing causes your the bottom to drop out of your stomach. A person who makes you miserable.

We should never allow anyone to take away our happiness.

“Be like a baby… where even the wind makes you giggle.”

I realize for most of us that would take an unhealthy dose of Prozac, but you know what I mean. Don’t necessarily giggle at the wind, but enjoy it. (And if it’s making your papers blow around the office, maybe enjoy it later.)

That said, you will, at one point or another, find yourself in the presence of that “happiness vampire”. I can’t tell you how to break that tie, and certainly it’s harder in some cases than others… but do it for yourself. Everyone deserves to be happy.


Don’t go down life’s road bitter and hateful.