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Java issues with Ubuntu Lucid

Some users may notice that certain Java apps do not work properly / as expetected in Ubuntu Linux. Insofar as I can tell the issue is caused by all 3 java plugins being installed at the same time.

Several users have noticed the issue resolved by uninstalling all Java plugins except for the Sun Java plugin.

To do so, open Synaptic Package Manager and search for (and uninstall) the following packages.

  • icedtea-6-jre-cacao
  • icedtea6-plugin
  • openjdk-6-* (all packages beginning with ‘openjdk-6-‘)


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Getting junglediskdesktop to run correctly on startup with Gnome

If you’re a jungledisk user on linux, and you put junglediskdesktop in your Startup Applications you may receive unusual errors when you log in.

Such errors are:

  • The jungledisk tray icon does not appear
  • The jungledisk window floats and cannot be closed
  • The jungledisk app gives unusual errors

The problem appears to be that there’s a race condition where junglediskdesktop starts before Gnome is ready to handle it as a tray app.


  • Create a text file with gedit (or your editor of choice)
  • In the file, enter these two lines:
sleep 3 && /usr/local/bin/junglediskdesktop

You’ll need to make your new script executable, so at a terminal do:

chmod +x filename

Now, in startup applications, use your new script instead of junglediskdesktop.

What this script does:

It ‘sleeps’ for 3 seconds before starting the junglediskdesktop application.

Doing that allows Gnome to be ready to handle junglediskdesktop correctly.


It’s my opinion that this is an issue with junglediskdesktop itself (not waiting for Gnome to be ready) rather than an issue with the Gnome itself.

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