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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 – Error referring to Knowledge Base Article 967752

Windows Vista users attempting to upgrade to Service Pack 2 may receive the following message:


One or more drivers might be incompatible.
MSDSM – Please read Microsoft Knowledge Base article: 967752

Apparently MS sent down an Automatic Update that, if applied before installing SP2, will give you this error (Wish I knew which one it was…). Following the KB article is helpless, as the patch only applies to Server 2008. Best thing to do is actually just ignore it and continue… worked fine for me.

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Fix for choppy, stuttering, skipping, popping sounds and video with TS-L462C CD ROM burner

This post (April 4th, 2010) in the Dell Community Forums pins it down to a bad firmware.

I’ve had the above problem for several months and the only way it seemed to go away was to disable the cd player. Finally, I think I figured out what was wrong–I had flashed the burner with the latest firmware-ver 07-and I had nothing but stuttering since-I tried all the other recs-reinstall IDE controllers, make sure things are DMA, renistall sound drivers etc, even completely overhauling the OS but no go. So for those in same boat, here’s a definite way I fixed it:

1. keep a cd in the drive at all times or

2. upgrade the firmware w/ samsung (which is the maker of the burner) firmware:
dl this: (which is the firmware upgrade app)

then this firmware (it’s in Korean, just choose the TG00):

then run the app w/ -nocheck option to disable the “not compatible” message and flash away.

When you’re done, you should have full functioning cd rom/burner w/o the stuttering/choppiness. If you crossflash, you’ll prolly invalidate your cdrom warrenty, but dell 07 firmware breaks your system anyways, so pick your poison…

You can download the firmware from Samsung ODD directly.


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Broadcom BCM4328 wireless problem in Ubuntu

This thread on Ubuntu forums describes fixes for issues surrounding the Broadcom BCM4328 card:

1) Uninstall and reinstall the STA driver (in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers)

2) Install the b43-fwcutter package via Synaptic or apt-get (using a wired connection)

3) Run the following two commands in a terminal:

sudo rmmod ssb
sudo modprobe wl

You might also try the steps listed in my other post regarding Ubuntu Karmic and Broadcom Wireless BCM4312 rev 01, and BCM4318 [Airforce One 54g] in Ubuntu Natty.

Comments / feedback regarding this are welcome.

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Printing pages in reverse order in Ubuntu

Retrieved from this thread April 4th, 2010:

To set pages to print in reverse order (if you can’t change it via System > Administration > Printing)

Go to /etc/cups/ppd and edit the .ppd file of your printer. Add the following line:

*DefaultOutputOrder: Reverse

That should take care of it.

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Hidden trick to exit windows explorer

This trick comes from here (April 4th 2010).

You can cause explorer.exe to exit on a Windows machine (XP, not known if it works in Vista or 7) using a simple trick.

  1. Click the start menu, then the shutdown button.
  2. Hold CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT and click the Cancel button.

Explorer now exits, leaving all other programs running.

To restart explorer, do this:

  1. Press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to start windows task manager.
  2. Click File -> New Task (Run)
  3. Type explorer and hit enter.

Though it’s a bit late for April Fools, I’m sure this would make for a good prank nonetheless. This is also great for kiosk machines where you don’t want users having access to the start menu or task switcher.

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How to check battery wear on Dell laptop batteries

Here’s a nifty trick that will show you the wear on your Dell laptop battery.

It requires that your battery have the self-test button on it with the 5 LEDs.

  • You can show the percent charge remaining by pressing the self-test button.

One to five LEDs will light up showing the approximate level of charge (around 20% for each LED that shows up.)

Every-other (on-off-on-off-on): The battery fail-safe has triggered and the battery is unusable.

  • You can show the percent wear by holding the self-test button for about 5 seconds.

The LEDs will light to show thecharge just like in step the point above, but after 5 seconds the lights will go off for a moment and a new light pattern will display. (No lights IS a valid display.) This indicates the percent of battery WEAR on increments of 20%.

If you get no lights, either the battery has very little wear (charges completely) or is “dead” (can’t be tested/doesn’t charge at all).

5 lights: The cells are completely worn and will not hold a signifigant charge.

Of course, you can always go into your systems BIOS and take a look at the battery health there, but this is great is you’re picking up a battery and want to check it out before installing it in your system.

This test only works on Dell batteries (as far as I know — other manufacturers may have something similiar) and only genuine Dell batteries. Not cheap imitations.

You can find more information on Dell batteries at the Dell Laptop Battery FAQ

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