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My rant on Blackberry

So there’s a lot of things the Blackberry does RIGHT:

  • Good-sized full-QWERTY keyboard, without having to slide/rotate the phone.
  • Easy navigation via the trackball/trackpad (depending on model)
  • Fully multitasking OS
  • Quality speakerphone / microphone without echo
  • Durable hardware and great battery life

Now here’s where my rant begins:

For one, the Blackberry has a distinctive LACK of available “fun” software. There are a fair amount of games, but not nearly the selection of other mobiles. WinMo, Palm, and the iPhone especially have a wider variety of games, and other “fun” software.

For two, the Blackberry apps are quite a bit more expensive. From $2.99 per app on the cheap side all the way up to $50 for the priciest apps.

And for my biggest gripe, the distinct LACK of good IMAP support for BIS users. While the “push” email is great and all (email delivered to the phone when it’s delivered to the mailbox; no having to “poll” the mailbox), the inablility to use IMAP folders other than Inbox is a serious setback. More so, you’re only able to get new messages on the device, rather than being able to download mail that’s already in your box.

The IMAP issue is something that WinMo, Palm, and iPhone and some other phones already do quite nicely. this puts the Blackberry at a distinct disadvantage compared to other devices.

While this issue seems generally solved for Gmail users (through the “Enhanced Gmail plugin for Blackberry”), this is only for the single provider.

In my opinion this is something that RIM needs to get on with a quickness. This lack of proper IMAP support has me looking at other phones for the future.

If I could find a phone with a good QWERTY keypad with features like the Blackberry (along with proper IMAP) I’d definately consider switching when my times comes due.

Of course, if they enabled proper IMAP support in BIS, I think I’d be pretty happy indeed.

Time will tell. Maybe I’ll just learn to live with it.

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