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The first things I changed in compizconfig-settings-manager (CCSM) in Fedora

  • Turned off “Static Application Switcher” and turned on “Application Switcher”
    Affects what you see when you ALT-TAB
  • Made sure Expo was turned on
    (Keystroke: WIN-E)
  • Turned off “Snapping Windows” (annoys me, personally)
  • Turned on “Shift Switcher” – This caused some conflicts in keybindings so I chose Resolve Conflicts and Disable Zoom Windows and Disable Exit Expo.
    Keystroke: WIN-TAB


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Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Originally posted here, this pocket guidewas written on Ubuntu Linux 8.04, but contains information that still applies to current Ubuntu releases. A must read for any new Ubuntu user.

Download Locations: 1 2 3 4


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Getting all the “extra” screensavers in Fedora Linux

Fedora (and Ubuntu) Linux users looking for more screensavers should install the package xscreensaver-gl-extra via their favorite package manager:


Use yumex, or via command line:
sudo yum install xscreensaver-gl-extra


Use Synaptic, or via command line:
sudo apt-get install xscreensaver-gl-extra

Here’s the package description:

This package contains the rest of the 3D (OpenGL) screen saver
modules from the xscreensaver collection. This package is used
by both xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver.

This is the set of GL screensavers not shipped by default with
xscreensaver-gl: antinspect, gleidescope, glknots, atunnel, blinkbox,
bubble3d, circuit, cubestorm, glsnake, jigglypuff, lavalite, lockward,
mirrorblog, moebius, boebiusgears, molecule, morph3d, pipes, polyhedra,
polytopes, pulsar, queens, sierpinski3d, spheremonics, stonerview,
superquadrics, topblock, voronoi endgame, engine, flipflop, flipscreen3d,
flurry, flyingtoasters, gears, gflux, antmaze, atlantis, blocktube, boing,
bouncingcow, boxed, cage, carousel, crackberg, cube21, cubenetic, dangerball,
extrusion, fliptext, glforestfire, glhanoi, glplanet, juggler3d, klein, lament,
menger, noof, pinion, providence, rubik, sballs, sproingies, staris, starwars,
tangram, timetunnel.

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