ld-linux.so.2 process excessively consumes CPU

Reposted from the original bug report at launchpad (Retrieved March 15th 2010)

Once in a while, a process called “ld-linux.so.2” starts consuming all my system resources, with CPU usage between 90-100%, my 2GB main memory AND my complete swap partition used up completely, making the system unresponsive to a degree that even single keystrokes need up to a minute to get interpreted by the system.

A forum post indicates that Adobe Reader 8 is the source of the problem. It claims that installing the “lsb” package will solve the problem. I can now confirm this does not fix the problem. Instead, the acroread process itself will now turn out to be the resource hog (no ld-linux.so.2 process is listed anymore by ‘top’ though).

Two known workarounds:
1) uninstall package acroread
2) when slowdown starts, either killall -KILL ld-linux.so.2 (package lsb not installed) or killall -KILL acroread (package lsb installed).

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