Can’t add reminders on iPhone with iOS 6

Take a look at the following reminders screenshot and you’ll see there’s no plus button for adding a reminder.


I’d been banging my head against the wall trying to fix this, but I found a fix.

First, go to Settings > iCloud and turn Reminders on.


Now, go back into the Reminders app, and the plus sign should appear.


After this, you can go back and turn the iCloud Reminders setting back off if you’re concerned about battery usage. The plus sign will remain.

Another potential solution is to tap the list icon in the top left corner, then search for a list. The results will come up empty, but then you can tap the edit button and create a new list. This will also fix your reminders app.

4 thoughts on “Can’t add reminders on iPhone with iOS 6”

    I was looking for that and almost went crazy because I couldn’t find any explanation why the pls-symbol is not there. Thanks for posting that and solving my problem.

  2. Worked great. My reminders were already on so I turned them off, then turned them back on. Worked like a charm. note: When you are asked whether you want to delete the synced reminder list hit yes.

  3. Thank you! Turning sync for reminders in iCloud on and then off worked! Searching for a list (which I had tried before) did not, as I didn’t get option to create a new list. I appreciate your sharing this workaround.

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