Throttling Skype bandwidth using NetLimiter

In order to throttle Skype’s bandwidth, you can use a freeware program called NetLimiter. This demonstrates how to set up bandwidth limiting for Skype using NetLimiter 3. You can get NetLimiter from here, but you will need at least the Lite version (not the free version) in order to enable the limiter.

Install NetLimiter, rebooting when prompted. Then locate the NetLimiter icon in your task tray and double click it. It looks like this:

Next, start Skype if you haven’t already. Then, locate the line in NetLimiter that shows Skype. It looks like this:

Skype’s bandwidth requirements states it requires a minimum of 128kbps for video, but recommends 300kbps. Follow the instructions below to limit Skype to the 128kbps limit. You can adjust the limit upwards after setting the initial limit if the quality of your video calls suffers too greatly.

Clicking on the numbers (the 5120 under DL Limit or UL Limit) will open the limiter settings.

Set it to 128kbps (which is 16000 Bytes/sec) as follows:

Set this for both the UL and DL limit. Adjust the settings higher or lower based on your own needs. Changes take effect immediately and do not disrupt the call or require a reboot. This means you can adjust settings during the call if you need to.

Questions, comments, or feedback, please post in the comments below. Thank you!

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