Dell Latitude D630 touchpad “jumping” mouse cursor

A friend and I have been discussing an issue we’ve both been seeing on our laptops: The mouse cursor “jumps” when using the touchpad. It’s intermittent, unpredictable, and seemingly random, but it seems to jump about 3 inches straight up on the screen. It seems to happen only on Windows-based OSes; We both installed Ubuntu Linux at a point and didn’t notice it at all.

He pointed me to the R165805 Dell Touchpad / Pointing Stick driver from the Dell website.

I am using it on a D630 with Windows 7… it works, and solves the problem.

The listed compatibility is:

Systems Latitude D530
Latitude D630c
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2300
Operating systems Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

Update 2/10/2013: gund brought to my attention that the download link is no longer active. Here is a direct link to the R165805.EXE file on Dell’s FTP site. If that ever becomes unavailable, you can try this driver, but I haven’t tested it myself: R165804 Dell Touchpad / Pointing Stick.


I’ll welcome any comments on this.

8 thoughts on “Dell Latitude D630 touchpad “jumping” mouse cursor”

  1. If it works on 7 then it should work on Vista as well. Similar, if not same kernel.
    It would be interesting if some of our customers problems with “jumping cursors” can be fixed with this “software issue”.

  2. How coincidental, I just discovered the mouse driver on dell’s website and wanted to share the solution, and you found it already. Well now we can all have a mouse that works properly!

    1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ve made an update to the post above with an alternate download location, and a possible alternative driver.

  3. I’m having the same trouble. I’m running XP. I installed the driver from the direct link suggested above, and all went well until the very end, when my screen said that my OS can’t use this driver.

    Ouch. Guess I should try once again to try to get Linux to work for me.

    1. Oops. I meant, “I should try once again to get Linux to work for me.” I guess my frustration with past attempts leaked into my syntax: try to try.

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